🌊 3 Sumida spots for a historical walk 👘

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Sumida is known for Tokyo Skytree, but there’s a lot of historical spots that are perfect for an enriching experience. Here are 3 spots to add to your list:

➀ Former Yasuda Garden (pics 1-4)
This beautiful Japanese garden is not only free entry, there’s a Japanese sword museum right beside it. The spring and autumn colors are pretty with Skytree in the background.

➁ The Sumida Hokusai Museum (pics 5-7)
The artist, Hokusai, who created the Great Wave off Kanagawa was a resident in Sumida, and many of his art work are on display here. You can see full-scale high-definition replica at the permanent exhibitions.

➂ Kappou Yoshiba (pics 8-10)
This restaurant is a former sumo stable where wrestlers lived and trained. It is now a restaurant that offers chanko nabe, iconic food that wrestlers eat, and there’s regular performances and sumo bouts at night.
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