Crafting Kimekomi dolls 🎎

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✂️ Crafting Kimekomi dolls at Tsukada Workshop 🎎

We walked into this small workshop just north of Tokyo Skytree. Hundreds of traditional hand-made dolls are on display, showcasing the crafts that has been passed down for 180 years. Tsukada-San is the 6th generation craftsmen, and along with his son, they produce intricate and award winning Kimekomi dolls.

🎎 So what is Kimekomi?
This is a technique of doll making that dates back to the edo period. A mold of the doll is shaped by a resin compound that contains sawdust from the paulownia tree. Then it is lined with cloth of all kinds of patterns and colors. Common items made using this technique are the dolls you see for Hinamatsuri (girls day).

✂️ There are different items you can experience making with Takasaki-San. Anyone can try as long as they are elementary year 3 and older (please visit their website and email to require and make a reservation) @tsukadakoubou #塚田工房

I love being a part of continuing the traditional arts and crafts of Japan. It’s what makes Japan unique! You just can’t beat the attention to detail when it comes to Japanese crafts. And it would be a mistake to come to Japan and not bring home something like this.

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