Create your own cute Japanese souvenir

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Create your own cute Japanese souvenir in just 30 minutes.
Nothing beats memorable ornament that you make yourself. In fact, it is actually a lot easier than you think! I was able to make this cute ball strap on my own, under the supervision of the master, Mr Tsukada. One of the very prominent craftsman that are still practicing his craft until this day.

It looked very complicated but once I was able to get the trick right, it was a smooth process, well not really as I was pretty slow to get the details right. Whereas the master could fix them within seconds.

Mr Tsukada specialized in making Hina dolls, which are usually decorated during daughter’s day in Japan. All of those Hina dolls’ clothes are handmade one by one delicately by Mr Tsukada and his son.

It’s light to be keychain and also pair well with Kimono.
Thank you again @tsukadakoubou and @sumida_ambassadors for the lovely experience.

Yunitan (Indonesia)

Yunitan (Indonesia)