🍱 3 Food spots to try in Sumida 🍲

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🍱 3 Food spots to try in Sumida 🍲

If you find yourself in Sumida, here are 3 places you can go to for food:

➀ “Japanese restaurant Sakura” at @daiichihotelryogoku_official (pics 1-4)

On the top floor of the hotel, with a direct view to Tokyo Skytree is this rare restaurant that serves Japanese dishes only in buffet style during lunch. You can also try “Chanko-nabe” which is a nutritious hot pot that Sumo wrestlers eat.

➁ Sakura mochi at @cmj_sakuramochi (pics 5-6)

Dating back to the Edo period, this 300 year old shop is famous for their mochi which is served with sakura leaves. There are no additives so the expiry date is the same day.

➂ Dagashi Shop Ewatari (pics 7-10)

Dagashi are affordable sweets shops that existed since the Edo period. It’s super fun for kids to browse through rows of sweets that cost as little as ¥10.

Which place will you be going to? Comment below ⬇️

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