This is a magnitude 7 earthquake

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Have you ever experienced an earthquake, flood or fire? 🚨
Honjo Life Safety Learning Center in Tokyo is a crucial resource for disaster preparedness in Japan, especially when there is a 70% chance of Tokyo facing a major earthquake within 30 years. This center offers FREE disaster preparation, serving both Tokyo residents and tourists, with information available in multiple languages. 🆓

Here, visitors can partake in realistic earthquake simulations, fire drills, and first aid training. 🔥🧯
The earthquake simulator delivers tremors of Magnitude 5-7, providing a true-to-life experience, and the fire safety training involves practicing fire extinguisher use while shouting “Kaji” for fire in Japanese. The center also conducts group simulations for evacuating smoky rooms and offers a flood simulator to address rising water challenges.

This facility is dedicated to empowering individuals with essential knowledge and skills for disaster readiness.This place blew my mind, and I’m already looking forward to returning and making regular visits to strengthen my preparedness further!
Oh, and guess what? There are THREE Life Safety Learning Centers in Tokyo: Honjo, Ikebukuro, and Tachikawa!
Whether you’re a Tokyo local or a visitor, there’s no better place to level up your safety game than at the Honjo Life Safety Learning Center!
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