The Da vinci in Japan.

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Japan is rich in arts and culture. One that stood out a lot is the artwork of Hokusai. Katsushika Hokusai is one of legendary Ukiyo-e artist during Edo Period.

His art, which has been more than 200 years old. Is still appreciated and incorporated to various contemporary arts.

To know more about his artwork and about life, I visited The Sumida Hokusai museum, which is located just minutes walks from Ryogoku station.

Here’s the sneek peak of what to expect in the museum.

Ticket price :Adult 400 yen (permanent exhibition)

Tips : go to the museum shop to get the best Japanese styled souvenirs. No entrance fee needed.


Videos are taken with special permission. No filming is allowed inside the exhibition.

Thank you for @sumida_ambassadors for the opportunity.

Yunitan (Indonesia)

Yunitan (Indonesia)