🐮 Ushijima Shrine Taisai⛩️

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🐮 Ushijima Shrine Taisai, once every 5 years ⛩️

This ritual with over 1,100 years of history is a festival that spans across 3 days. Cows are brought in for 35km long walks over 2 days, and it is said that the cows will ensure safety and prosperity to the town.

It’s really heartwarming to see the entire neighborhood come together. There were many volunteering adults and kids, not just participating in the walk but also those who are on stand by to give out drinks to the participants to keep them hydrated.

The next festival will be in 5 years’ time in 2028! Hope you will be here to see it.

One last thing, Ushijima Shrine itself has a very unique and rare shrine gate which consists of 3 gates connected together, also known as a miwatorii. Even if the festival isn’t going on, I highly recommend visiting the shrine itself to see it in person.

📸 Photos taken on 09.16.2023

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