6 unique activities in Sumida

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Explore Tokyo’s hidden gem, Sumida City, with 6 unique activities for an unforgettable adventure! 🌟
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1. At Oshiage Yoshikatsu, you can enjoy Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki and more with fresh ingredients sourced right from Tokyo. 🥢
2. Unleash your creativity at Aizome Museum, crafting handkerchiefs with all-natural indigo dyeing. With a legacy spanning over 130 years and three generations, you can join their tenugui aizome classes and dye your own cloth, starting from just ¥1,500! 💙
Find them by Googling “Aizome Museum” or call them by phone for reservations: 03-3611-6760 (Japanese Only)
3. Immerse yourself in retro charm at Kira Kira Tachibana Shopping Street, a filming spot for Japanese dramas near Tokyo Skytree. ☕️
4. Discover the enchanting “upside down” Skytree reflection from Jukken-bashi Bridge, away from the crowds!
Don’t miss this picture-perfect opportunity for your Insta feed! 📸
5. Dive into an earthquake simulator at Honjo Life Safety Learning Center, offering FREE disaster preparedness knowledge. 🚨
6. Lastly, soar to the highest floor of Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest tower, for breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo city. 🏙️🌆