Discovering Tokyo Sumida

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🎐 Discovering Tokyo Sumida Ward's Unique Delights 🌸
While Tokyo Skytree might be the star attraction, Sumida Ward has an abundance of experiences beyond its iconic landmark. Here are 6 places to check out:

🐟 Sumida Aquarium: Right in the heart of Tokyo Skytree Town, you can find several different species of jellyfish, penguins, goldfish, and spotted garden eels!
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🎎 Tsukada-Koubou: An Edo Kimekomi Doll workshop and store founded in 1841. You can experience the art of making Japanese-style Mari Straps using patterned cloth, immersing yourself in the rich tradition.

🍡Yamamotoya Chomeiji Sakuramochi: Originating from Chomeiji in Sumida Ward, it is a flat mochi (rice cake) sheet wrapped around a sweet anko (red bean paste) filling, covered up by edible sakura leaves. The tea and saltiness of the leaves perfectly complement the mochi's sweetness. This shop makes fresh Chomeiji Sakuramochi without additives!

🍬Dagashi Shop Ewatari: Explore a Japanese retro sweets shop, also known as Dagashiya! You can find tons of affordable snacks, treats, and even toys without worrying about overspending. Most items are within ¥10-¥100 (less than $1!).

🍲Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku: The standout feature is their restaurant, Japanese Restaurant Sakura, offering an authentic Japanese buffet. You can also savor the traditional Sumo wrestler's favorite, "Chankon Nabe" hot pot, all while enjoying the breathtaking Skytree view from the top floor.

⛩️Ushijima Jinja Shrine: Legend tells of a bull demon dropping a knot of hair during its sprint around the shrine. It is believed that by patting the cow statue you can receive blessings for good health. Every five years, the grand Ushijima Jinja Taisai festival takes place with parades, portable shrines, and even bulls! 🏮

Have you explored any of these hidden treasures? 🗺️

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