Sumida Aquarium

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This aquarium has a love chart spilling the tea on the relationships of their penguins? ☕🐧💔

Sumida Aquarium is a beautiful aquarium at the base of Tokyo Skytree! 🐟
Here you can explore the depths of this aquarium and meet fascinating marine life like several different species of jellyfish, penguins, goldfish, and the spotted garden eel. 🐧
At the heart of the aquarium lies its impressive 350,000-liter tank, Japan’s largest open indoor tank!

I also learned that divorce rate for penguins is just 3-5%, while the divorce rate for Japanese people stands at 35%! 🤯
It seems that our penguin friends have a lesson or two to teach us about love and commitment. 💔❤️

The gift shop also has several marine-themed merch, from cuddly penguin plushies to adorable garden eel-shaped bread!
Whether you’re here for the aquatic wonders or just looking for a unique day out, Sumida Aquarium is a must-visit spot that offers an unforgettable experience. 🎉🐙🦑

🕒 Hours:
Weekdays: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Weekends and Holidays: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
*Open everyday
💲Admission Fees: Check out @ sumida_aquarium_ for pricing details for different age groups

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