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“Dagashiya” are traditional Japanese candy stores that offer affordable sweets and snacks, most between ¥10-¥100 (that’s less than $1) !🍬Although lesser known amongst tourists, Dagashi shops are a local fan favorite because they are budget friendly to this day.

“Dagashi” are snacks and sweets that originated during Japan's Edo period (1603-1868) when white sugar was a luxury. These were born from ingredients like brown sugar, syrup, and grains.

Dagashi Shop Ewatari is a hidden gem near Kinshicho Station in Tokyo, Japan, with two whole floors of snacks and toys. On the second floor, you can indulge in jumbo-sized snacks or stock up in bulk.Beyond the retro goodies, this shop also sells modern-day snacks and imported foods. It even has an array of toys loved by both kids and adults!

Dagashi are typically simple and colorful,invoking nostalgic memories of childhood in Japanese culture. Customers, especially children, enjoy exploring Dagashi shops to find their favorite candies and snacks.

Dagashi shops are not only places to satisfy your sweet tooth but also cultural landmarks that reflect the simpler times of Japan's past. They offer a unique shopping experience that's a must-add to your Japan itinerary, allowing you to indulge without emptying your wallet; the perfect place to let loose!

📍Dagashi Shop Ewatari
🚉 Located near Kinshicho Station in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
🌐 Discover more at ewatari.shop-pro.jp

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