Visited the Sumida Hokusai Museum and the Former Yasuda Garden in Sumida Ward!

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📍 Sumida Hokusai Museum
At the museum, you can see the 'The Great Wave'
Also, many famous Hokusai's cool prints. If you want to know more about Hokusai’s work, then please don’t miss the digital content.You can touch screens to see detail of the art pieces and also read descriptions.
If you want to take beautiful photos of your memory., dingy miss the architectures. They are super stylish!
※ specially allowed to take videos

📍Yasuda Garden
It's a big, old garden with a heart-shaped pond and beautiful flowers - and it's free! Great for photos in a kimono 💃.

江戸時代の庭園や版画を楽しんで、北斎にも会えるなんて?!🌸 墨田区の北斎美術館と旧安田庭園に行ってきたよ!まずは北斎美術館から。AURORA(常設展示室)に入ると、「神奈川沖浪裏」に圧倒されちゃう🤣 北斎の代表作の実物大高精細レプリカや漫画を楽しんだり、デジタルでの浮世絵コンテンツもあって、すごく楽しめた。そして、北斎の家も見られるなんて?!


Ruichan ルイちゃん(China)

Ruichan ルイちゃん(China)