Wait for the sakura to bloom 🌸 spots in Sumida city 隅田公園・錦糸公園

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ベトナム人インフルエンサーのYurin in Japanさんが、墨田公園、錦糸公園で見ることのできる桜とスカイツリーのすてきな景色を過去のアーカイブから紹介してくれました。

Keep calm and wait for the sakura to bloom 🥹

For those folks who were lucky enough to book a trip in April, read below for a list of Tokyo Skytree x 🌸 spots in Sumida city.

*There is no flower yet as of March 29. All are past photos.

1/ Sumida Park (pic 2-3) #隅田公園
🌟 Cross the bridge to the other river side for less people, more spaces and more Sakura!

2/ Kinshi Park (pic 1) #錦糸公園
🌟 Bring a mat to sit down and picnic! Be like locals. You can buy those picnic plastic mats in any 100 yen stores.

3/ Oyokogawa Shinsui Park, Tokyo Skytree View (pic 4) #大横川親水公園
🌟 Hidden small park just some minutes away from Tokyo Skytree

Special thanks to @sumida_ambassadors and @sumida_official for the helpful information!

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Yurin in Japan

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