Even those who have been to Tokyo before 東武博物館・高木神社

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ベトナム人インフルエンサーのYurin in Japanさんが、墨田区にある東武博物館と高木神社を紹介してくれました。

How about trying a fun and educational experience in Tokyo? Especially when you are traveling with kids or railway fans, The Tobu Railway Museum is the perfect spot to add to the plan.

🚂 Offering an unique blend of history and enjoyable exhibitions, this museum showcases the past and present of Tobu Railway - One of the top private railway company in Japan. I guess to the foreign travelers, the Limited Express SPACIA from Asakusa to Nikko is their most familiar service.

🚂 We found ourselves exploring the interactive displays and getting up close with vintage locomotives and railway carriages, which was pretty much satisfying.

🚂 My favorite is surely the two diorama models (a huge miniature fan here!)

🚂 If you come with kids, they will love to hop on a simulator and experience what it was like to ride a train. There was a line of kids wanting to try it! Staff members will also teach them how to play.

What do you think? Is this something you want to go to next time?

Special thanks to @sumida_ambassadors and @sumida_official for introducing this spot!

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