Tokyo Skytree

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Tokyo Skytree: The Tallest Tower on Earth! 🏙️

Rising majestically above the Tokyo skyline is the Tokyo Skytree.
It's the tallest tower in the world, standing at a jaw-dropping 634 meters! ⛅️
This iconic landmark never disappoints, with two decks at 350m and 450m, offering breathtaking sceneries that will leave you speechless.
I had the chance to get to the highest point of Skytree, at 450 meters high! It was my first time going to the top deck and the views were absolutely mind-blowing. 🥹
This area is also a hub of excitement with themed events that add a whole new level of fun.
Currently, they're holding an incredible “Oshi Fes” event until October 16th and if you're into “Oshikatsu,” it's a must-see!
Oshikatsu is all about showing love and support for something or someone you love, from anime characters to idols. So, you know I had to snap some pics of Levi inside Skytree! 📸
It is a sensational experience, where you can dive into themed events and soak in Tokyo's mesmerizing landscapes all in one spot. It's a must-visit destination that should be on everyone's bucket list! Trust me; you won't regret it! ✨
Oh, by the way, the first pic was taken at Jukken-bashi Bridge, famous for viewing the “upside down” Sky Tree, where the reflection perfectly lines up with the tower! It's an underrated gem, perfect for enjoying the view away from the crowds. 😋

Drop a comment if you're eager to explore or have already hit up these spots after checking out this post! ✨