Ushijima Shrine

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Ushijima Shrine in Sumida, Tokyo & magnificent Grand Festival
牛嶋神社 と その大祭

Ushijima Shrine boasts a rich 1165-year history 📜.

Its torii gate is uniquely styled, known as Miwa Torii in Japan, with two smaller gates flanking the central one 🚪.

Admire the intricate wooden carvings of the shrine 🌲.

I washed my hands in purification before offering my prayers 🙏.

Check out the ”nade-ushi“ - a cow statue 🐄. Rubbing the statue where you‘re in pain is believed to bring healing.

The cherry blossom-like Omamori (charms) are a standout 🌸.

Choosing one is reminiscent of handpicking flowers, and guess what? It has a bell inside 🔔!

The highlight was the Grand Festival; I was fortunate to witness the main matsuri (festival) event 🎉.

Every 5 years, they showcase an ox-drawn carriage, the ”Houran,“ symbolizing a phoenix cart 🐂.

Local performers journey across an expansive parish region 🏞️.

The ox procession spans around 35 kilometers, necessitating several breaks [Note: Context for ”peeling“ is unclear].

The parade progresses to Soramachi, culminating in a ceremony beneath the Skytree 🗼.

This matsuri seamlessly blends age-old tradition with urban vistas 🏙️.

If you’re in Sumida, Tokyo, Ushijima Shrine offers a deep dive into local culture and spirituality. Don‘t miss it!

Note: Ushijima Shrine and its Grand Festival provide an immersive experience into the area’s cultural heritage and traditions. It‘s a wonderful opportunity to embrace local festivities during your stay in Sumida, Tokyo 🎏.


Q: Ha@ve you ever been to Sumida tokyo?

Ruichan ルイちゃん(China)

Ruichan ルイちゃん(China)