Want to have unique experiences in Tokyo?

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Want to have unique experiences in Tokyo?
As the official Sumida ward ambassador (@sumida_ambassadors @sumida_official ) I have two plans that you’ve absolutely never tried before! If you have let me know how was it on the comment.

1. Make your own DIY souvenir
Get Unique DIY souvenirs
If you love creating and DIY, you’ll want to make your own dyed accessories. Dyeing is an integral part of Japanese culture, and isn’t it great to have one piece of it hanging on your home? Here at Aizome Museum, you can make it in less than 30 mins for just 1500 yen. There are only a few craftsman shops that still practice this particular craft, rather than buying I prefer to be a part of the production, how about you?

2. Life Safety Learning Center (FREE)
Do you know that 70% of the time, death during earthquake is cause by people getting panicked? Japan is the land of earthquake, and people living here are trained on how to react and move in times of danger. But you can too at Life Safety Learning Center for free! There are a total of 3 learning centers in the Tokyo area but the one in Sumida is the biggest and newest of all. You would be able to try out Earthquake, Typhoon and Fire disaster scenarios. How well can you survive? The only way to know is to come here ;)

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Yunitan (Indonesia)

Yunitan (Indonesia)