Itinerary in Sumida ward -Part1-

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Hi everyone, as the official ambassador (@sumida_ambassadors ) of Sumida in Tokyo, I will show you what you can do around the Sumida area @sumida_official. It’s a big honor to be selected among all other talented creators and influencers in Japan and explore what Sumida has to offer.

1. Try our Tokyo Specialty food
at Oshiage Yoshikatsu

We all know that Osaka and Kyoto have their specialty food, but what about Tokyo? If you don’t know, Monjayaki is what local Tokyoites would enjoy with a beer after work. It is self cooked on a pan in front of you, filled with meat, vegetables and even mochi? And you scoop little by little using a mini spatula. There are plenty of Monjayaki restaurants but one that use local ingredients made in Tokyo is Oshiage Yoshikatsu. The owner is also specialized in Wine and Sake so you’ll not be disappointed with the recommended sake pairing to your palate.


2. Take Pictures with Skytree
Skytree is one of Tokyo’s famous landmarks, and a picture without it won’t be complete, but where to get the best photospot? Psst, it’s a secret that you’ll only know if you follow me as the ambassador. Type “Jukken-bashi” to google map and you’ll find this spot here!


3. Walk and shop like a local at Kira Kira Tachibana Shopping street
I prefer this shopping road where local shops and vendors sell various businesses such as tofu, fried food, bread and also fruits. Here, prices are more affordable, and definitely not a tourist trap! Kirakira Tachibana Shopping Street is a famous one in Sumida, where more than 90 different local shops will satisfy not only your hunger but also give you the ultimate experience. Tip : please come here hungry as you won’t be able to resist not buying.

4. End your day with the best Sunset from the top Observatory
Hands down the best observatory area to view Tokyo from a bird eye view. Day and Night view are both spectacular, worth the money to come here!

What was the best sunset you’ve seen in Japan? Comment below

Yunitan (Indonesia)

Yunitan (Indonesia)